Coach Aniello

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Coach Aniello is an accomplished basketball coach with strong decision making and problem solving skills. He is able to motivate and lead others in a team environment, a necessary skill when coaching at the pro-level. His excellent communication, public speaking and relations skills make him an excellent choice to be a part of our Pro-Exposure Camp. Coach Aniello has a proven track record of delivering results with deadlines and brings a positive “can-do” attitude to his work.

Coach Aniello’s basketball experience includes the following countries: ​Italy, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, England, Spain, Norway, Maldives, Denmark and Turkey


1999 – High School Diploma in Social Psychological-Pedagogical Sciences​
2017 – University Degree in ​Physical Education and Sport Sciences​
2012 – Certification Course to become a Personal Trainer
2002/2003 – Professional Certification Course in Sports Management
2015/2016 – Teaching Certification Course ​in Montessori’s Method Teaching
2015 – ​English Language Certification ​from the Unipegaso University


2004-2008 – Italian Basketball Coaching License 031576
2015 – ​England Basketball ​Coaching ​license c2015/003


2018-Present – ​Head Coach​ Sambenedettese Basket ​(ITALY)
2016-2018 – Head Coach​ Janus Fabriano ​(ITALY)
2018 – Coach​ at the Horsholm 79ers camp ​(DENMARK)
2018 – ​Coach ​at Supreme Court Antwerp ​(BELGIUM)
2018 – Scout​ at UBA international camp in Istanbul ​(TURKEY)
2017 – ​Coach​ Men’s Team The Bows sport club ​(MALDIVES)
2016 – Coach​ Christmas MVP Campos Portogal ​(PORTUGAL) 2016 – Coach ​European Summer League Girona ​(SPAIN)
2016 – Coach at ​Transition Basketball camp London​ (ENGLAND)
2016 – Instructor​ at coaching course in Oslo ​(NORWAY)
2016 – Coach​ Elite Camp Russell Hoops London​ (ENGLAND)
2016 – Coach​ Camp Campos MVP Summer Rio Major ​(PORTUGAL)
2007-2016 – ​Director​ Club Ascoli Basket
2012-Present – Director​ Italian Prep Academy
2012-2016 – Head Coach​ Club Ascoli Basket Men’s team (​ITALY)
2012-Present – Coaches Association Local ​Coordinator
2015 – ​Coach ​Camp ​Campos MVP​ Natal Lisbon ​(PORTUGAL)
2015 – Coach ​Camp Campos MVP Summer Rio Major ​(PORTUGAL)
2014 – ​Coach​ Players first exposure camp Lisbon ​(PORTUGAL)
2012 – Assistant Instructor ​at the coaching license course (ItalianFederation)
2012 ​- Coach​ Clinic 1vs1 Region of Marche
2011 – Coach​ Rising Ballers Pro Performers Nottingham ​(ENGLAND)
2010 ​- Coach​ ​Hoops-Camps​ Ilsede ​(GERMANY)
2008​ – Director​ of Regional tournaments 2vs2 U13 (ITALY)
2007/2008 – ​Coach Female ​Senior Team C league in Ascoli Piceno (ITALY)
2007/2008 – Coach​ U13 Martiniscuro (ITALY)
2006/2007 – Coach​ U14- U18- Vohringen ​(GERMANY)
2005/2006 – Coach ​U14​ ​Val di Ceppo (ITALY) – assistance with senior team in V.Ceppo (ITALY)
2005/2012 – ​Director​ Italian Basketball Camp (Ascoli, P.S.Giovanni, S. Benedetto, Perugia)
2004/2005 – ​Coach​ u15 and u16 Longford ​(IRELAND)
2003/2004 – ​Coach​ U14 and U16 Ascoli Piceno (ITALY)
2003 – ​Coach​ Ascoli Piceno High School Summer Basketball Program (ITALY)
2002/2003 – ​Coach​ U12 and U14 in Ascoli Piceno (ITALY)
2001/2002 – Coach​ U12 and assistant U14 Soverato (ITALY)
2000/2001 – ​Assistant ​Trainer U12 Foligno (ITALY)
1999-2012 – Professional player (Italy, Germany, Ireland)


2019 Men’s​ C Gold league Samnedettese Basket PLAYOFF
2017 Men’s​ C league Janus Fabriano Most points scored in the league
2017 ​Men’s ​C league Janus Fabriano playoff CHAMPION
2017 Men’s ​C league Janus Fabriano National playoff CHAMPION
2019 ​U20 ​league regional champion
2016 U20 ​league regional champion
2015 Coach Award​ “Premio Baldinelli” ​Italian Federation 2015
2014 U19 ​league regional champion
2013 U19 ​league regional champion
2012 U19​ league local champion
2009 U19​ league local champion
2008 ​U17​ league local champion
2014 Uisp ​Men’s​ league regional champion
2015 Endas ​Men’s​league regional Champion
2014 Promozione ​Men’s ​ league Champion
2012 ​Selected by the Basketball Federation ​as Head Coach U14 (team Marche)​ ​at the National Youth Tournament in Bormio (ITALY)


Chris Clock (USA) MVP Italian C Regional League
Roni Gordon ​(SCO) & Sasha Stakic (SLO) 1st place in Reg. Season ​National team player
Trey Clarckson (USA) and Paul Wolf: regional league champion
Leon Perdue (USA) top scorer league c2
Raul Cardenas​ (ECU) C regional league champion ​national team player
2007Scout for Vila pouca de Aguiar (PORTUGAL)
James Warwick (ENG) C regional league champion and top scorer
Nick Volchock (USA) D league & C league playoff
Terris Sifford (USA) D league and C league playoff
Tim Farley (USA) C regional league champion
Corey Williams (USA) D league playoff
Nick Balev (BUL) C regional league playoff
Slatko Bajric (CAN) C regional league playoff
Richard McNutt (ENG) C regional league
Former Coach (u20 and Men’s League) Callum Lawson (ENG) ​NT player
Former Coach (u13 and u14) ​NBA PLAYER Nemanja Nedovic